$1.36M Verdict For Death Following Colonoscopy

The man’s widow and two adult sons filed their North Carolina medical malpractice wrongful death lawsuit in which they alleged that the CRNA failed to recognize and effectively resolve an airway obstruction. The man was at greater risk for an airway obstruction due to his BMI, obstructive sleep apnea, and his large tongue…medicalmalpracticelawyers.com, $1.36M North Carolina Medical Malpractice Verdict For Death Following Colonoscopy, May 2023


Deep sedation was achieved using Propofol. The man suffered cardiac arrest during the colonoscopy procedure, and he was transferred to a hospital, where he never regained consciousness. He was removed from life support seven days later. An autopsy determined that the man died from a hypoxic ischemic brain injury due to the cardiac arrest.


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