$16.1M Verdict For Brain Damage After Gallbladder Surgery

It’s a case that’s sent shock waves throughout the legal community: A record-setting 16-million-dollar malpractice verdict — in favor of a man who suffered severe complications after what should have been a routine surgery….newschannel5.com, In a record-setting verdict, $16.1 million was awarded to a man who suffered brain damage after surgery, Nick Beres, Sep 2023


After a three-week trial and dozens of witnesses and exhibits, the jury awarded millions to a young man now left with permanent brain damage.


Not long after arriving in Nashville, Bing underwent what should have been a routine gall bladder surgery.


But later he developed a serious bile — a digestive fluid — leak that was not properly addressed by his doctors.


Eventually, this led to cardiac arrest, strokes and permanent brain damage.


After nearly a month-long trial it took the jury only eight hours to reach a verdict.


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