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Month: February 2022

$1.8M in Delay Damages Added to $9.7M Med Mal Verdict

The decision rejected arguments from the defense seeking to exclude from the delay damages several months when the courts in Pennsylvania were closed under emergency shutdown orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic…, $1.8M in Delay Damages Added to $9.7M Med Mal Verdict, Rejecting Arguments Over Pandemic Court Closures, Max Mitchell, Feb 2022

Missed Diagnosis Common Source of Malpractice Claims Against PCPs

More PCPs were part of lawsuits that named multiple parties (34%) than suits that named a individual practitioners (11%). Failure to make a proper diagnosis (41%) was the most common claim in malpractice suits against PCPs, followed by poor outcome/disease progression (26%), complications from treatment/surgery (17%), wrongful death (16%), and failure to treat/delayed treatment (16%)…, Marcus A. Banks, Feb 2022

No Med Mal Claim Notice 10 Months Later With No Reasonable Excuse

A state appeals court has denied a woman’s petition to file a late claim notice in a potential medical-malpractice action against the city’s public healthcare system, writing that she “failed to establish a reasonable excuse for her 10-month delay in filing a late notice” when she asserted that she didn’t know her forearm’s nerve was severed until she discovered it at a separate, private hospital…, Woman Can’t File Med Mal Claim Notice 10 Months Late With No ‘Reasonable Excuse’, Jason Grant, Feb 2022

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