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Month: June 2022

Trial or No Trial: Jury To Decide

Jury deliberations are under way at trial over whether medical negligence caused a Georgia hospital patient’s profound brain damage…, Emory Healthcare Faces Trial Over Hospital Patient’s Severe Brain Injury, Arlin Crisco, June 2022

Notice Mailed Timely Or Too Late: Florida Supreme Court Resolves

In Boyle v. Samotin, a plaintiff in a medical malpractice case mailed the required presuit notice prior to the expiration of the statute of repose, but the defendant physician did not sign the return receipt for that notice until after the limitations period…, Fla. High Court Resolves Conflict Among District Court Over Med Mal Notice Period, Junw 2022, Stephen Cain and Michael Levine

Georgia Jury Returns $4.25M Med-Mal Verdict

After a two-week trial in southeast Georgia’s Liberty County State Court, two Hinesville litigators
have achieved a $4.25 million jury verdict for the family of a nursing home patient who died from
the inadequate documentation and treatment of a bedsore…, Georgia Jury Returns $4.25M
Med-Mal Verdict, Cedra Mayfield, May 2022

Georgia Appeals Court Reinstates Parents’ Med-Mal Claim

The Court of Appeals of Georgia has reinstated a lawsuit in which two parents claim Insight Psychiatric Services neglected to identify lupus in their daughter…, Georgia Appeals Court Reinstates Parents’ Med-Mal Claim, Finds Expert Testimony Should Have Been Admitted, Mason Lawlor, May 24, 2022

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