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Month: August 2023

$7.25M Settlement For Death Due To Undiagnosed Aortic Dissection

The woman had a medical history of a heart valve abnormality that was diagnosed in 2017, which put her at risk for an aortic dissection. On December 1, 2020, at about 12:30 p.m., the woman and her mother went to the hospital with the woman complaining of a sharp and burning pain in her chest and abdominal area, which are classic symptoms of an aortic dissection…, $7.25M Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Settlement For Death Due To Undiagnosed Aortic Dissection In Hospital, August 2023

Surgeon Beats $27 Million Malpractice Case

The case rested on whether a screw that was placed by Boarini during surgery and that was malpositioned by 1 mm caused the “disabling leg pain” claimed by the patient…, Surgeon Beats $27 Million Malpractice Case After Contentious Trial, Alicia Gallegos, July 2023

Claim Filed Too Late, Case Dismissed

Walton and Phyllis Cunningham brought their son, Phillip, to Williamson Medical Center on November 14, 2008, for treatment of abdominal discomfort. Phillip died on November 25, 2008, following respiratory complications…, Tennessee Supreme Court Rules Medical Malpractice Claim Filed Too Late, August 2023

Physician Not Liable for Child’s Necrotizing Pancreatitis

In 2018, the parents of the then 9-year-old child brought him to Wellstar Paulding Hospital in Hiram, Georgia, because of his severe abdominal pain and distention, among other symptoms. Following their examination, medical personnel at the hospital suspected the child’s symptoms were the result of severe constipation…, Physician Not Held Liable for Child’s Necrotizing Pancreatitis, Jury Finds, July 2023

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