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$37.6 Million Award in Med Mal Case Against University of Connecticut

The jury found the health center negligent in the January 2015 death of Shay Monroe-Lynch and the current birth defects of her brother, Joshua…, Judge Awards $37.6 Million in Med Mal Case Against University of Connecticut Health Center, Robert Storace, 2021


It was a series of errors and the University of Connecticut Health Center allegedly not obeying its own rules and industry guidelines that led to the woman being inseminated with the donor sperm that came from a donor who was CMV positive. The woman was CMV negative.


Bristol mother and plaintiff Jean-Marie Monroe-Lynch should have never received sperm from a donor, who was a carrier for cytomegalovirus, or CMV, which is a disease known to cause severe birth defects or fetal death if contracted during pregnancy.


In addition, the health center doctors forgot to have the mother sign a consent form if someone negative uses a CMV-positive donor and the prenatal care team failed to recognize evidence of a congenital CMV infection on a 20-week ultrasound of the twins.”


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