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$4.1M Medical Malpractice Verdict Awarded For Negligent Surgery

Negligent surgery resulted in a corneal abrasion and permanent corneal scar and impacted the vision in the boy’s left eye when he was 17 months old…, $4.1M Medical Malpractice Verdict Awarded to Family of Child Permanently Injured by Negligent Surgery at CHOP, Joe Messa, 2021

Through a series of significant errors that resulted in three additional surgeries, Dr. William Katowitz left “Baby J” permanently disfigured and visually impaired, exacerbating his developmental delays and educational issues, and creating the need for lifelong medical care.

Using the doctor’s own writings, it was proven that Dr. Katowitz failed to properly measure the infant’s eyelids before surgery. As a result, he removed too much of the infant’s eyelid during the surgery. This surgical negligence caused Baby J’s eyelashes to direct inward, scratching and irritating his cornea. Baby J underwent three additional surgeries over the course of six months to correct the painful and disfiguring results of Dr. Katowitz’s initial procedure. Ultimately, Baby J was left with a permanent scar on his cornea and an eyelid that had to be lowered to protect the cornea.


The $4.1M verdict is the largest jury verdict awarded since the Court’s re-opening.


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