$5.29M For Woman Who Required Arm Amputation After Shoulder Surgery

King had gone to Oro Valley Hospital for shoulder replacement surgery (total shoulder arthroplasty) in September 2020 that was performed by Dr. Andrew Smith of Northwest Allied Physicians…medicalmalpracticelawyers.com, $5.29M Arizona Medical Malpractice Verdict For Woman Who Required Arm Amputation After Shoulder Surgery, Feb 2024


According to King, “He tied off my axillary artery and neurovascular bundle, which in turn caused me to have to have amputation … He has altered and changed my life forever … I don’t think any amount of money is enough for a lost limb … I hope he loses his license, first of all. Second of all, if he doesn’t lose his license, that it’s mandatory that he goes back to school.”


“Having two arms, people can do just about anything. Wash their hair, get shampoo out of the pump bottle, opening a water bottle … I’m hoping to get with my prosthetic company and have a prosthetic hopefully made. I don’t have much use at all of my upper limb so a lot more tests are gonna have to be run to see if that’s possible but I’m hoping for an arm.”


Dr. Smith reportedly admitted his liability before trial.


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