$6.2M Jury Verdict For Botched Spinal Surgery

The man had a 30-year history of chronic low back problems after an incident that occurred earlier in his life…medicalmalpracticelawyers.com, $6.2M Texas Medical Malpractice Jury Verdict For Botched Spinal Surgery, May 2024


He had five prior back surgeries before being referred to the defendant neurosurgeon, who allegedly told the man that he could fix his back problems with surgery. The man underwent the elective back surgery in 2018 during which, according to the man’s Texas medical malpractice lawsuit, the surgeon overly stretched or compressed the nerves in his back that controlled mobility and caused permanent neurological injury that impairs the functioning of the man’s bladder and bowels.


The man’s Texas medical malpractice lawsuit further alleged that neuromonitoring during the surgery that could help identify nerve issues in real time during that surgery that would assist the surgeon in avoiding and responding to potential nerve injury was negligently performed.


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