$600,000 Awarded For Paralysis of Face Post Unwanted Facelift

A jury awarded $600,000 to a man who claimed that unwanted cosmetic surgery caused permanent numbness and paralysis of his face. Jerome Jimison underwent plastic surgery on Dec. 12, 2016….law.com, Florida Jury Sides With Patient Who Claimed Unwanted Facelift Caused Permanent Nerve Damage, Melissa Siegel, 2021


Plaintiff Jerome Jimison underwent cosmetic surgery performed by Dr. William Welsh. The mid-face-lift, which was part of the procedure, caused permanent damage of a nerve.


As a result, Jimison claimed that he experiences numbness and mild paralysis. He further claimed that his injury impairs his speech, though he also claimed that the impairment has diminished. He sought recovery of damages for past and future pain and suffering.


Jimison sued Welch alleging that Welch had failed to obtain informed consent to the mid-face-lift procedure. The lawsuit further alleged that Jimison’s resultant injury was an act of battery.


Even though Jimison acknowledged having signed a form that described the surgery’s scope and associated risks, he claimed that the form did not reference amid-face-lift. Jimison’s expert surgeon opined that the mid-face-lift’s inclusion constituted a departure from an accepted standard of medical care.


The jury found that Welsh failed to obtain informed consent to the mid face-lift.


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