$77 Million Verdict in Georgia Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Nick was admitted to Metro Atlanta Recovery Residences (MARR). Nick’s doctor had prescribed lithium and Seroquel and Nick was “medically stable” when he was admitted to the facility….enjuris.com, $77 Million Verdict in Georgia Wrongful Death Lawsuit, Sep 2022


But after he’d been at MARR for a week, one of the facility’s doctors took Nick off the lithium even though Nick’s family and therapist said that he should remain on the medication.


Two weeks later, Nick’s condition was deteriorating and he was kicked out of the facility because he had a mobile phone, which was not permitted. MARR sent him to a sober living residence but didn’t inform the residence manager about Nick’s mental health issues.


The next morning, Nick violated his curfew by leaving the residence. He was later discharged and the caretaker dropped him off at a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. About a day later, Nick was found deceased on Interstate 85 near Atlanta.


Nick’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against MARR.


The family claimed MARR was negligent by forcing Nick to leave the facility without his medication. They say he wanted to stay at MARR but was discharged because of the cell phone rule violation and his discharge caused the psychotic episode that resulted in his death.


The DeKalb County jury verdict of $77 million in damages to the Carusillo family includes:


$10 million for Nick’s pain and suffering

$55 million for the value of his life

$1 million in punitive damages

Remainder for attorney’s fees and expenses


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