$780,000 Settlement For Man Injured While Under Effects Of Anesthesia

The man had a cardiac catheterization at Cochran Veterans Hospital in May 2018. Hours later, he drove his motorcycle off the road and suffered multiple fractures and other serious injuries, including injury to his left leg that nearly required an amputation. He was placed in a medical coma for five days due to the severity of his injuries….medicalmalpracticelawyers.com, $780,000 Medical Malpractice Settlement For Man Who Was Injured While Under Effects Of Anesthesia, June 2023


The VA not only disputed the extent of the man’s impairment but also argued that the accident report completed by the police indicated that the man’s motorcycle first hit a rock before running off the road. The VA further argued that one of its physicians had instructed the man not to drive after the procedure (no such instructions were found in the man’s VA medical records).


The amount of the settlement took into consideration the cap on noneconomic damages in Missouri medical malpractice cases.


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