$9.7M Verdict Awarded Over Botched Brain Surgery

Plaintiff Michael Brassloff was awarded a $9.7 million verdict in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas in lieu of the long-term neurological injuries he suffered due to medical negligence in his brain surgery…law.com, Jury Awards $9.7M Verdict in Case Over Botched Brain Surgery, Aleeza Furman, 2021


In 2015, Neurosurgeon Kevin Judy conducted laser induced thermal therapy on Brassloff to treat radiation necrosis in his brain left over from a previous treatment. His injury occurred when the tip of the Neuroblate SideFire broke off and caused pressurized carbon dioxide to release into his brain.


After the procedure, Brassloff remained in a coma for several days, slowly regaining consciousness and movement, but to this day, continues to suffer from cognitive and mobility impairments and seizures.


It was argued that the neurosurgeon failed to obtain a properly informed consent, because he did not explain that this was a new procedure with no medical literature reporting on its success rate. There was also very strong evidence that the procedure was performed incorrectly, including by putting the probe in the wrong place in the brain.


The jury awarded $5 million for noneconomic damages, $1.6 million to Brassloff’s wife for loss of consortium, and $3.1 million for future medical expenses.



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