AZ witnesses its largest malpractice settlement: $31 million

A jury awarded $31 million after a baby experienced oxygen deprivation during birth. This is the largest medical malpractice award out of Arizona…, Largest malpractice settlement from AZ: $31 million after birth injury, Nov 2023


 After a 16-day trial in Maricopa County, Arizona, Banner Health was found liable for a newborn’s oxygen deprivation, resulting in the state’s largest malpractice settlement of $31 million. The case, filed by Krystle Griepentrog, revolves around her son Greyson’s birth at Banner-University Medical Center in 2014. Griepentrog received Pitocin during labor, and despite signs of oxygen deprivation in Greyson, medical staff continued administering Pitocin at escalating doses, ultimately opting for a vaginal delivery after 14 hours of labor. Greyson was later diagnosed with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) and now has cerebral palsy, requiring extensive medical care. Griepentrog sued Banner Health in 2020, alleging medical negligence, and the recent trial resulted in the historic settlement. Despite Banner Health denying responsibility, Griepentrog’s lawyers argued that Pitocin administration deviated from policy, and crucial fetal heart monitor records were missing, a claim contested by Banner Health, citing accidental loss. Banner Health plans to explore legal options for appealing the verdict, maintaining their disagreement with the decision.


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