Birth Injury Case Resolved For $13 Million

Birth injury case resolved for $13 million

A Hudson County Superior Court judge on May 10 granted approval to a $13 million settlement in a medical malpractice suit, Williams v. Jersey City Medical Center, on behalf of a child whose brain damage was allegedly caused by errors during childbirth…, Birth Injury Case Resolves For $13 Million in Hudson County, Charles Toutant, Sep 2022


Plaintiff Ameliha Williams was seven months pregnant and complaining of extreme abdominal pain when she went to Jersey City Medical Center in February 2012. The suit claims the physician defendants delayed performing a caesarean section on Williams, resulting in her son being born with severe cerebral palsy.


The physicians allegedly deviated from the standard of care and committed medical malpractice by failing to timely perform a caesarean section delivery when the signs were clear that the baby was in distress.


Joe Williams, now 10, cannot walk on his own or speak coherently, and he has diminished mental capacity and suffers from seizures, according to the plaintiff. His conditions could have been prevented if he had been born even 16 minutes earlier.


Jersey City Medical Center and attending physician Cheryl Carter, junior resident Babalolo Jinadu and senior resident Nicole Palomar reached the settlement with plaintiff Ameliha Williams and her son, Joe Williams. Hudson County Assignment Judge Jeffrey Jablonski approved the settlement on May 10, according to court documents.


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