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Supreme Court Affirms $35 Million Reproductive Medicine Malpractice Verdict

Prior to their initial visit, CARS sent them a TDI patient information packet, which included general information about TDI risks and CARS approved sperm banks. The packet also included information about testing that TDI patients are required to undergo, including testing for cytomegalovirus (CMV), a type of herpes virus that has infected considerably more than 50 percent of the general population…, Connecticut Supreme Court Affirms Nearly $35 Million Reproductive Medicine Malpractice Verdict, Apr 2024

Court Affirms $45M ‘Patchwork’ Jury Verdict in Med Mal Case

The Illinois Appellate Court for the First District, Sixth Division affirmed that Cook County Circuit Judge Robert E. Senechalle properly instructed the jury to decide whether any one of four actions or omissions alleged by the plaintiff, Steven Butts, against Advocate Health and Hospital Corp. and emergency room physician Dr. Michael Soo-Young Joo breached the standard of care when he was improperly intubated, according to the opinion filed earlier this month…, Illinois Appellate Court Affirms $45M ‘Patchwork’ Jury Verdict in Med Mal Case, Riley Brennan, Apr 2024

Trial Judge Reduces $261M “Take Care of Maya” Medical Malpractice Verdict By $47.5M

“Pain more intense than childbirth. Pain more intense that kidney stones. Pain more intense than amputating one’s limb. The worse pain imaginable, the degree and intensity which most of us cannot comprehend. Pain so intolerable that the condition is nicknamed the “suicide disease.” This was but a small portion of the evidence presented to the jury concerning the pain associated with a condition called Complex Pain Regional Syndrome (“CRPS”)…, Trial Judge Reduces $261M “Take Care of Maya” Medical Malpractice Verdict By $47.5M, Apr 2024

$10.1M Verdict For Botched Gallbladder Surgery

On December 6, 2018, Dr. Sarmiento attempted to repair the bile duct, but could not complete the repair because
Amy’s liver was “extremely fatty, really friable, and in a tremendously difficult condition…, Georgia Appellate Court Affirms $10.1M Medical Malpractice Verdict For Botched Gallbladder Surgery, Mar 2024

$7M Verdict Against Rehabilitation Facility Doctor

The 2014 surgery was necessary to treat the woman’s left femur fracture that she had suffered as a result of a fall in June 2014. The surgery was an open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) during which a gamma nail and an intramedullary rod were implanted…, $7M New York Medical Malpractice Verdict Against Rehabilitation Facility Doctor, Mar 2024

Physician Who Recommended Surgery Performed By Another Surgeon Held Liable

In 2013, Veronica Yeakle went to the emergency room after a fall related to a problem with her right knee. At the hospital, Dr. Abubakar Atiq Durrani was called to consult on whether the problem could be neurological…, Ohio Appellate Court Holds Physician Who Recommended Surgery Performed By Another Surgeon May Be Held Liable For Medical Malpractice, Mar 2024

$3.38M Jury Verdict Against Radiologist For Missed Cancer

Dr. Libby reported that Mary’s neck CT scan showed no significant abnormality of her salivary glands when the scan showed an eight-millimeter thickening of her right salivary gland. As a result, Mary’s salivary gland cancer progressed from stage I cancer that was treatable and curable to stage IV cancer that was terminal…, $3.38M Maryland Medical Malpractice Jury Verdict Against Radiologist For Missed Cancer, Mar 2024

Dentist Must Pay $11M For Delayed Cancer Diagnosis

On February 22, a jury in Pennsylvania ruled that Dr. Linda Shen, who has three practices in Northeastern Pennsylvania, must pay $11 million, including $8 million in punitive damages, to patient Mary Heffelfinger…, Dentist must pay $11M for delayed diagnosis, Melissa Busch, Feb 2024

$5.29M For Woman Who Required Arm Amputation After Shoulder Surgery

King had gone to Oro Valley Hospital for shoulder replacement surgery (total shoulder arthroplasty) in September 2020 that was performed by Dr. Andrew Smith of Northwest Allied Physicians…, $5.29M Arizona Medical Malpractice Verdict For Woman Who Required Arm Amputation After Shoulder Surgery, Feb 2024

$7M Settlement With Out-of-State Defendant Bars Med Mal Suit

The Pennsylvania Superior Court held that a plaintiff may not sue two prominent Philadelphia hospitals over an injury for which she obtained a $7 million settlement in a separate Ohio action…, Pa. Appeals Court: $7M Settlement With Out-of-State Defendant Bars Plaintiff’s Med Mal Suit, Jan 2024

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