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Court Rules Women’s Medical Malpractice Claims Are Genuine

Plaintiff Patricia Marble and her husband filed the action against defendant Amedisys, a national provider of hospice services, after becoming suspicious that Marble had lived for five years in hospice care…, Massachusetts Superior Court Says Woman’s Medical Malpractice Claims Can Proceed, Elizabeth Blosfield  2021


Summary judgment records indicated not only that Marble was overmedicated with unnecessary doses of narcotics while continuing to be certified as eligible for hospice care at an Amedisys facility, but that Amedisys had a bonus structure in place that served, in part, as financial incentive for staff to admit and retain hospice patients, according to the Superior Court ruling.


According to the superior court ruling, the summary judgment record contained evidence supporting Dr. Baker’s claims of overmedication and false certification of hospice care for Marble.


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