Defence Verdict in An Alleged Med-Mal Case of Hip Infection

In March 2016, plaintiff Scott Breegle, a man in his 50s, learned that he was suffering from a multi-joint infection that had caused necrosis of his colon. He required removal of the infected area of the colon…, Doctor Rejected Blame for Spread of Patient’s Infection, VerdictSearch, 2021


Breegle claimed that the infection reached the colon because an orthopedic surgeon failed to diagnose the infection during its initial stages, in September 2015.


Breegle sued the orthopedist, Dr. Greg Bisignani.


The lawsuit alleged that in 2004, Bisignani replaced Breegle’s hips.
From September 2015 to January 2016, Bisignani evaluated Breegle eight times. Plaintiff’s counsel contended that Breegle presented symptoms consistent with an infection of the left hip’s prosthesis.


Breegle’s expert orthopedist opined that Bisignani missed signs and
symptoms of an infection that could have been detected before September 2015.


Bisignani denied that Breegle reported symptoms consistent with an infection of the hip. The defense presented Bisignani’s records from Breegle’s visits, and none of the records referenced left hip pain.


The defense claimed that the documentation demonstrated that
Breegle’s complaints had to do only with swelling below his right knee,
attributable to a meniscus tear and arthritis.


Bisignani’s expert orthopedists opined that Breegle’s presentations were not consistent with an infection and that Bisignani met the standard of care in his treatment. Breegle sought to recover approximately $170,000 in past medical costs, plus damages for past and future pain and suffering.


The jury rendered a defense verdict.


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