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Defense Verdict: No Correlation Between Alopecia Areata and Lymphoma

In November 2014, Smith began treating with Hutchins Rosin for alopecia areata, an autoimmune disorder that was causing hair loss on his, Defense: No Correlation Between Alopecia Areata and Lymphoma, verdictsearch, 2021

On Jan. 3, 2017, two months after Smith had stopped treating with Hutchins Rosin, Smith presented to an emergency room because of shortness of breath. The following month, he was diagnosed with stage-four Hodgkin lymphoma.

The defense’s expert in dermatology testified that there is no correlation between the condition and Hodgkin lymphoma. Smith’s cancer was unrelated to his alopecia areata, and Hutchins Rosin’s treatment of Smith met the standard of care, the expert opined. During the two years of treatment under Hutchins Rosin, Smith did not exhibit any signs or symptoms suggesting Hodgkin lymphoma.

The expert further opined that out of the 20 to 30% risk of malignancies associated with alopecia areata, Hodgkin lymphoma is a 1.7% risk; therefore, the risk was too remote for Hutchins Rosin to even consider.

The jury rendered a defense verdict.


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