Doctor Must Pay $1.3M for Patient’s Cancer

Doctor Must Pay $1.3M for Patient's Cancer

Plunkard, 46, of Brunswick, Md., claimed in her lawsuit that Marks should have discovered her cancer in January 2016 at a time when it could have been remedied by way of a simple surgery…,, Federal jury awards $1.3M to terminally ill woman who claimed doctor misdiagnosed her cancer, Matt Miller, Apr 22


Plunkard contended the supposedly missed diagnosis allowed her cancer to progress for two years and become incurable. It was in Stage IV status when it was finally confirmed in late 2017.


Marks countered that he was not negligent in evaluating Plunkard and that her symptoms and personal medical and family histories were not “suggestive of ovarian cancer.”


The jury that heard the civil case found that Marks’ treatment of Plunkard “fell below the standard of care.”


The $1,335,000 damage award Wilson imposed was determined by the jurors.


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