Flashy, Blingy Doc Sabotages His Own Malpractice Trial

The doctor’s wife walked in wearing a 5-carat diamond ring and other jewelry. Medical liability defense attorney Catherine Flynn took the couple aside and asked them to remove the jewelry. She explained that the opulent accessories could damage the jury’s view of the physician…medscape.com, Flashy, Blingy Doc Sabotages His Own Malpractice Trial in Rural Farm Town, Alicia Gallegos, Sep 2022


The surgeon and his wife however, refused to remove their jewelry. They didn’t think it was a big deal.


The case against the surgeon involved intraoperative damage to a patient when the physician inadvertently removed a portion of nerve in the area of the procedure. The patient alleged the surgeon’s negligence resulted in permanent damage despite the successful repair.


Jurors ultimately found the physician negligent in the case and awarded the plaintiff $1.2 million. Flynn believes that physician’s flamboyant attire and arrogant nature tainted the jury’s decision.


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