Hospital Staff Fail To Recognize Brain Stroke

On Feb. 14, 2018, Weaver, 75, was transported to Phoenixville Hospital, in Phoenixville after she had fallen andcould not move the left side of her body…, Hospital’s Staff Failed to Recognize Stroke, Plaintiff Alleged, Greg Land, 2021


An emergency-medicine physician, Dr. Kevin Kramer, ordered performance of a CT scan. The test’s results were negative. Kramer opined that Weaver was suffering vertigo.


After another two hours had passed, Weaver was evaluated by another emergency-medicine physician, Dr. Kenneth Kleckner, who determined that Weaver was exhibiting symptoms of a stroke, confirmed in turn by a vascular neurologist, who opined that Weaver’s symptoms could no longer be treated, given the amount of time that had passed since their inception.


Weaver sued Phoenixville Hospital. The lawsuit alleged that the hospital’s staff failed to properly treat Weaver.


Weaver’s emergency-medicine expert opined that, given Weaver’s inability to move the left side of her body, it was obvious that Weaver had suffered a stroke.


The jury found that Phoenixville Hospital, through Kramer’s actions, was liable for Weaver’s injuries and determined damages totalling $2,058,000.


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