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How are you on the witness stand?

It’s harder than it looks…


Listen thoughtfully. Speak truly. Great advice for anyone, right? But even more so for experts serving as witnesses in a legal case.  These two simple concepts are foundational principles to being a great expert witness.


It’s hard to do. Opposing counsel may ask confusing questions (sometimes by design, sometimes not); you may be put on the spot to review something in the moment; you may be so familiar with the case matter that you think you know where they’re going with the question…. and you speak too quickly and end up hurting your case instead of helping it.


What can you do to increase your confidence and skills?


There are so many ways that just simply telling the truth can go awry, it would be impossible to address them in a short blog.  But there’s training out there for professionals who would like to lend their expertise to the world of law and justice.  Our team just came back from a conference that’s specifically designed to help expert witnesses become better at what they do.  From how to start an expert witness practice, to how to handle yourself on the stand, to the ins and outs of “Writing a bulletproof report,” these conferences are an incredible resource for expert witnesses wanting to do their job effectively.


Help is out there…


As an expert witness company, we are always looking for experts that can be effective on the stand.  It isn’t enough to just have subject knowledge; you have to know what to do with it. You may not intend to give false information during a case, but a few missteps and credibility can be damaged – and not just for the current case.


We highly recommend learning the world of expert witnessing by checking out a training conference. We cannot overstate how important it is to make every effort to build your skills at these events.  The outcomes of the cases you’re involved with – well, they stay with you and help shape your reputation.  Make sure your reputation is one of professional and reliable presentation, and your expert witness skills will quickly be in demand.


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