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Attorneys Go the Extra Mile…Literally

If ever there was an example of walking the extra mile, this would be it.


Middletown-based counsels Meghan Woods and Amado Vargas travelled to Lima, Peru covering a distance of 3,700 miles to meet and protect the interest of their client, shooting victim and quadriplegic Peru native Hernando Pezo who was shot in the neck while carrying out his job as a delivery driver for a pizza company.


In the process, the attorney-duo negotiated a $2.5 million workers’ compensation settlement with their client’s insurance carrier.


56-year-old Hernando Pezo had been shot in the neck during his first day on the job as a delivery driver for New Haven’s USA 1 Pizza.


Attorneys Woods and Vargas didn’t need to make the trip to Peru to adequately represent him in the U.S., but they did so anyway to ensure that he was adequately protected and for their own peace of mind, as Woods later said. In Peru, they spent their time meeting Peruvian housing officials, doctors, nurses, lawyers, bankers and financial managers to secure Pezo’s interests.


The two attorneys are deservingly getting much praise and accolades for going well beyond their prescribed duty to help their client’s interests. 


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