Jury Awards $6M to Family Claiming Doctor Didn’t Treat Patient’s Failing Heart

Terri Ballestar went to a dentist for a loose tooth and full mouth evaluation but ended up having her dental implants removed and suffered damage to her teeth, gums and jaw……law.com, ‘Don’t Sell Patients Procedures They Do Not Need’, Jasmine Floyd, 2021


Ballester sued defendants Brent Jarrett, D.D.S, and Brent Jarrett, D.D.S. P.A. for personal injuries which could have been prevented by treating the plaintiffs mouth with proper care.


The treatment left the plaintiff with an abnormal bite, failed placement of implants, which will require her to have removal of implants, placement of new implants, bone grafts and additional dental care to repair the damages caused by the negligence of the defendants.


Ballestar filed two complaints against the defendants for failing to act as a reasonably careful dentist by performing the surgery without first addressing multiple infections in the plaintiff’s mouth, and that the dental implants failed due to surgical error.


A good faith investigation makes it certain that there were reasonable grounds to believe that the care and treatment provided to Ballester represented a deviation from the prevailing professional standard of care, according to the ruling.


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