Lawsuit Alleges Ankle Surgeon Severed Patient’s Nerves During Surgery

The plaintiff alleges in her Illinois medical malpractice complaint that she was suffering from pain and numbness in her ankle at the time she was referred to the defendants. After the defendants diagnosed that she was suffering from a cyst, they performed surgery to remove the cyst on April 15, 2021…, Illinois Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Alleges Ankle Surgeon Severed Patient’s Nerves During Surgery, Aug 2023


The plaintiff also alleges that she complained of numbness and pain in her ankle as well as the sensation of an electrical shock in her foot, during her follow-up visits with the defendants.


The defendants referred her to a specialist at Washington University to evaluate her for possible surgery and grafting. The specialist performed surgery on the plaintiff on May 11, 2021 during which the specialist allegedly found that her nerves in her ankle were severed during the surgery performed by the defendants. As a result, the plaintiff allegedly required extensive medical treatment to treat her condition.


The plaintiff’s Illinois medical malpractice lawsuit reportedly alleges that the defendants breached the standard of care in providing her medical care and treatment by negligently attempting to remove a cyst and then breached the standard of care by negligently failing to discover that they had severed her nerves.


As per the lawsuit, she suffered pain, suffering, severe and permanent injuries, disability, mental anguish, disfigurement, and lost wages due to the alleged medical negligence of the defendants and is seeking compensatory damages in excess of $50,000.


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