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Man Has Prostate Removed After Mistaken Cancer Diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating and launch a roller coaster of emotions. While we count on doctors for answers, sometimes the need for a second opinion is overlooked…, ‘Most Egregious Story I’ve Ever Heard’: Local Man Has Prostate Removed After Mistaken Cancer Diagnosis, Stephanie Stahl, 2021


This is a story about a life-changing medical mistake, and how it could have been prevented and why this family wished they had gotten a second opinion.


Before the surgery in January, Eric Spangs, who lives outside Reading, had everything to live for – a good job, a happy family, and a bright future.


Their odyssey started when Eric had a slightly elevated PSA level from a routine blood test that checks for prostate cancer. After that a series of other tests, including a biopsy.


“The error occurred in the preparation and reading of his biopsy. It was another patient’s biopsy that was put on those slides,” attorney Aaron Freiwald said.


Based on the alleged inaccurate biopsy, Eric had a radical laparoscopic prostatectomy, a surgery that was supposed to save his life.


Freiwald filed a medical malpractice lawsuit on behalf of the Spangs.


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