Medical Expert Witness

“Medical Marijuana Dilutes Medical Malpractice Meaning”

Medical marijuana is legal in more than half of U.S. states, but its illegality at the federal level creates a confusing liability environment for specialty dispensaries and conventional health care providers, a panel of experts has said. Due to these variations in laws, the professionalism of staff in marijuana dispensaries varies significantly, state-wise and hence, makes some of them riskier than others.


While there hasn’t been any instance of medical malpractice lawsuit involving cannabis in the country, the experts are already scratching their head about how will they go about it when it happens. There’s a lot of liability and risk involved for both the medical practitioners as well as the patients using medical marijuana.


Patients are likely to ask questions about issues such as delivery methods, frequency of use, the dosing ratio of the elements of marijuana — THC and CDB — and drug interactions with no clear answers.


This has led to questions about situations when the practitioner gets sued and/or what are the liabilities etc. 


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