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Personal Injury Lawyer Secures Settlement Despite Travel Restrictions in Covid Times

Plaintiffs Brian and Amanda Carpenter, husband and wife, met with a horrific accident when their bike was hit by a truck in September 2017. The couple, who were both wearing a helmet, were thrown from their motorcycle and received serious injuries. The litigants disagreed on how much compensation plaintiffs Brian and Amanda Carpenter should receive with the plaintiffs demanding $130,0000 for their injures and the defense’s offer being $300,000. …law, With Travel Restrictions and No Medical Experts, Milford Personal Injury Lawyer Secures Settlement, Robert Storace 2020


Owing to travel restrictions due to covid-19 pandemic, the plaintiff’s attorney Tony Masone couldn’t travel to New York to take the deposition of Georgios Prassos, the driver of the Toyota RAV4 that hit the Carpenters’ motorcycle. The defense also faced its own set of challenges, not being able to provide medical experts. The strength of the case came down to the testimony in the Carpenters’ deposition and their medical records. The Carpenters’ were realistic about their injuries and did not exaggerate them.


Based on mediation by Judge Antonio Robaina, the two sides eventually agreed to compensate Amanda Carpenter, who had sustained greater injuries, $371,000 and her husband $254,000. The total for the Milford couple was $625,000.


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