Study: More Cases Being Filed Against Vascular Surgeons Involving Aortic Pathologies

A study published online on December 19, 2022 entitled “An Analysis of Malpractice Litigation of Vascular Surgeons in Cases Involving Aortic Pathologies” that analysed malpractice claims for aortic pathologies and assessed if there has been a change in rate of medical malpractice lawsuits with evolution of endovascular therapy concluded: “The proportion of litigation for clinical negligence in endovascular cases amongst all vascular surgical lawsuits is increasing.”…, Study: More Medical Malpractice Cases Being Filed Against Vascular Surgeons Involving Aortic Pathologies, Mar 2023


The study’s authors individually screened and compiled medical malpractice cases from the Westlaw database from 2000 to 2017 through use of relevant search terms. Data were collected of allegations, diagnoses, and outcomes of each case and compared. Of the 268 unique cases included in the study, aneurysms (54%, n = 145) and dissection (35%, n = 94) made up the majority.


The researchers found that there was a defense verdict in 53% (n = 141), plaintiff verdict in 24% (n = 65), and settlements in 23% (n = 62) of the medical malpractice lawsuits. Litigation was higher in the Midwest and Northeast. There was a gradual decline in medical malpractice litigation overall but endovascular case numbers remained constant. There was negligible difference in the primary allegation underlying the medical malpractice litigation for various aortic pathologies, time to litigation, and award between open and endovascular procedures.


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