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Tag: $1.6 Million

Challenge to Law Sealing Med-Mal Decisions Dismissed

The defendant argued that the district court should abstain because the three conditions under the ‘Pullman’ abstention are met. Judge Nancy Torresen granted the defendant’s motion to dismiss without prejudice, finding that ‘Pullman’ abstention is appropriate…, Federal Judge Tosses Personal Injury Firm’s Challenge to Law Sealing MedMal Decisions, Allison Dunn, Feb 2022

$1.8M in Delay Damages Added to $9.7M Med Mal Verdict

The decision rejected arguments from the defense seeking to exclude from the delay damages several months when the courts in Pennsylvania were closed under emergency shutdown orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic…, $1.8M in Delay Damages Added to $9.7M Med Mal Verdict, Rejecting Arguments Over Pandemic Court Closures, Max Mitchell, Feb 2022

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