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Tag: Amanda Mercier

Malpractice Suits Against Family Physicians Declined in 2021

Attorneys who specialize in such lawsuits attributed the decline to the fact that fewer people have received healthcare in person during the COVID-19 pandemic, along with a general sense of gratitude among patients for the sacrifices healthcare workers have made throughout the past 2 years…Malpractice Suits Against Family Physicians Declined in 2021: Survey, Marcus A. Banks, 2022

Med-Mal Claims Not Barred by $2 Million CVS Settlement

The Connecticut Supreme Court upheld the denial of dismissal of a medical malpractice lawsuit against UCONN Health
Center/John Dempsey Hospital after the plaintiff reached a $2 million settlement with CVS Pharmacy in connection with a
man’s death…, Med-Mal Claims Against UCONN Hospital Not Barred by $2 Million CVS Settlement, State Supreme Court Says, Allison Dunn, Mar 2022

No Pleasant Surprise

Judge Amanda Mercier ruled that a trial court has broad discretion to sanction lawyers who surprised opponents with a new expert witness the day before the trial…, Surprise Defense Expert Frowned Upon in Ruling Affirming $6.4M Birth Injury Judgment, Katheryn Hayes Tucker, Mar, 2022

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