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Tag: Brain Damage

Some Nurses Not Covered By New Jersey Medical-Malpractice Reform

Guy Gilligan sued Susan Junod, an LPN, and her employer Virtua Surgical Group after his wife died a week after undergoing colon surgery. Gilligan claimed he called Junod repeatedly for advice because his wife was in pain and couldn’t eat, but the nurse told him she had post-operative gas and should take her medications, try to eat and walk around…, Some nurses not covered by New Jersey medical-malpractice reform, Daniel Fisher, Nov 2022

​Is It Medical Malpractice or Ordinary Negligence?

In general, claims that are related to the promotion of a patient’s health or a healthcare provider’s professional expertise, skill, or judgment are considered claims of medical malpractice, while claims that are unrelated to these issues are considered claims of ordinary negligence…, ​Is it medical malpractice or ordinary negligence?

$77 Million Verdict in Georgia Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Nick was admitted to Metro Atlanta Recovery Residences (MARR). Nick’s doctor had prescribed lithium and Seroquel and Nick was “medically stable” when he was admitted to the facility…, $77 Million Verdict in Georgia Wrongful Death Lawsuit, Sep 2022

COVID Lawsuits Have Arrived: Which Doctors Are At Risk?

Physicians working in acute care settings such as emergency departments and urgent care centers are the primary targets in COVID-related lawsuits involving doctors, say legal analysts. However, other specialties are also being affected. Physicians being sued include some who practiced telemedicine during the pandemic…, COVID lawsuits have arrived: Which doctors are at risk? Alicia Gallegos, Oct 2022

A Defense Verdict Favoring Nurse Sued For Failed Anesthesia Attempts

A nurse was found not liable for an injury that occurred to a patient due to failed intubation attempts during an abdominal liposuction…, Miami Jury Renders Defense Verdict, Finding Nurse Had No Reason to Disclose Failed Anesthesia Attempts, Melissa Siegel, Oct 2022

Trial Set to Open Over Stroke That Left Georgia Man With “Locked-In Syndrome”

Jonathan Buckelew brought malpractice and negligence claims against North Fulton Regional Hospital in Roswell for complications that allegedly arose after he was taken to the hospital following a collapse during an October 2015 treatment by a chiropractor…, Med Mal Trial Set to Open Over Stroke That Left Georgia Man With “Locked-In Syndrome”, Arlin Crisco, Oct 2022

Changes to Medical Malpractice Venue Rules in Pennsylvania

On August 25, 2022, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court eliminated a venue exception for medical malpractice actions filed in the Commonwealth. The rule requiring that medical professional liability claims be brought in the county in which the care occurred will no longer be in effect as of January 1, 2023…,, Olivia F. Levine, Sep 2022

Jury Awards Ex-NFL Player $28.5M in Medical Malpractice Case

Former New York Giants running back Michael Cox, sued both the late Dr. Dean Lorich and New York-Presbyterian Hospital’s Hospital for Special Surgery after a failed surgery ended his NFL career…, New York Jury Awards Ex-NFL Player Cox $28.5M in Medical Malpractice Case, Sep 2022.

$95.5M Awarded For Brain Damage Due To Wrong Sedation, Restraint By Dentist

Houston jury has awarded $95.5 million to the family of a four-year-old Houston girl left irreversibly brain damaged after a dentist improperly restrained and sedated her during treatment of decayed teeth…, Houston jury awards $95.5M to family of girl who suffered brain damage after sedated, restrained by dentist, attorney says, Sep 2022

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