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Tag: Investigation

$12M Med-Mal Verdict in Case Linking Mistaken Dose of Insulin to Brain Injury

A Houston County, Georgia jury awarded $12 million in total damages to a woman who suffered permanent brain injuries after she accidentally administered the wrong type of insulin at a hospital in Perry…, Georgia Jury Delivers $12M Med-Mal Verdict in Case Linking Mistaken Dose of Insulin to Brain Injury, Greg Land, 2021.

Attorney Cites the Pandemic’s Unpredictability to Help Win a Med Mal Defense Verdict

Even with the best conditions and treatment, circumstances—especially those involving medical care and the human body—can sometimes take a turn for the worst. That was the message an attorney for Einstein Medical Center was trying toget across to a Pennsylvania jury as he defended the hospital system against claims that one of its patients received improper post-operative care following a risky procedure to address the patient’s pancreatic cancer…, ‘We Can’t Control Everything’: This Attorney Used the Pandemic’s Unpredictability to Help Win a MedMal Defense Verdict, Max Mitchell, 2021.

$7 Million Settlement After Patient Suffered Brain Injury and Died

Daley, 60, of Wall Township, died on May 21, 2020, less than five years after suffering hypoxic brain injuries while a patient at Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune City….New Jersey Law Journal, $7 Million Settlement Reached After Patient Suffered Brain Injury at Hospital and Later Died, Suzette Parmley, 2021.

Doctor Sued For Fraudulently Fathering Patient’s Daughter

Bianca Voss, 75, says she discovered this when her daughter Roberta, 36, took a 23andMe DNA test to find out more about her family history. Voss says the test results included the name of her father, Martin D. Greenberg, MD, of Florida, who was the fertility doctor who inseminated Voss in 1983…, Woman Sues Fertility Doctor, Alleges ‘Medical Rape’, Dejania Oliver, 2021.

$3.25M in Medical Malpractice Death of Washington Prisoner

A lawsuit filed by Julia Kleutsch said her husband, John Kleutsch, 57, died of an abdominal wound that staff failed to properly treat, while offering him only Tylenol, The Seattle Times reported Wednesday…, $3.25M in Medical Malpractice Death of Washington Prisoner, 2021.

Doctor Accused Of Medical Malpractice Says He Can’t Be Sued

A neurosurgeon who operated on the wrong side of his patient’s spine claims he can’t be sued because of a federal law that protects healthcare professionals during a public health emergency, according to a a report by KSDK, an NBC-affiliated television station in St. Louis, Missouri……, Wrong-Site Surgery Doc Says He Can’t Be Sued, Wayne J. Guglielmo, MA, 2021.

$3 Million Award For A Fatal Intestinal Injury During Surgery

On May 3, 2016, Frances Mitchell went to the medical center to have a pelvic mass removed via laparoscopic abdominal surgery. Her surgeon was Andrew Green, MD, a gynecologic oncologist and member of the Northeast Georgia Physicians Group. Soon after returning home, Mitchell began experiencing pain. A family member contacted the hospital for advice and was told to feed the patient broth and keep her walking. Her pain grew worse, however, and she was taken by ambulance to the emergency department (ED)…, Lawsuit: Family Claims Bowel Perforation During Surgery Killed Patient, Wayne J. Guglielmo, MA, 2021.

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